I'm a multilingual UX & Product Designer based in Los Angeles /Orange County area. I have professional experience in UX and UI for websites, mobile applications, medical device interfaces, and the government's technology projects. I'm channeling my creative energies into crafting user experiences, interfaces, and research. I believe in a simple and straightforward approach to design genuine connections between consumers and products. I have a background in human biology-psychology and continued my studies in human Interaction design and  (UX/UI Design).

My background and knowledge in psychology, human biology, and tech design help me look at a problem both critically and creatively. Making a product usable and fun with an aesthetically pleasing interface, that speaks both logically and emotionally, is my way of helping others meet their needs. 

During my free time, I love to see new places and experience the beauty, food, and people from different regions. I also love to learn and continuously seek to expand my skills and creativity. Learn More




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